Friday, January 14, 2011

Body Count

"I was once told by a man in a subway station that I should be turned into a vending machine. That way people could put in their money and get out a small piece of me whenever they wanted. This book is as close as I'll ever come to fulfilling that man's fantasy.

"I'm twenty-seven and I still feel as innocent as when the body count started. I stopped counting long ago, but I still believe the next one will really love me.

"Every man I ever loved got something different from me. Push this button for wifely allegiance, that one for exotic whore, that one for a pal. I've been a little of each I suppose. Body Count is whole raw truth, so it's unlikely that any two people will have the same reaction to it.

"A lot of men will say "That chick sure picks bastards. I'm nothing like them."

"All I ask is that you not understand it too quickly."

Body Count, by Francie Schwartz, 1972, Stated First Printing. Offered for sale by Chewybooks as of 1-14-2011.

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